5 Steelers veterans that could be surprise cuts this summer

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin II (19)
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The Steelers have no attachment to Mason Rudolph

When the Steelers announced that they were resigning veteran quarterback Mason Rudolph, it appeared as though the team had locked up the three quarterbacks that they would carry through the season. While Rudolph is a lackluster starting option, he is a fine backup and a great third option for this offense.

Then the contract details came out, and Rudolph shocking got the least amount of money possible for a player of his status. He signed a veteran minimum deal with no signing bonus. The team even had the vested veteran benefit they could have used on him (the deal they used on Terrell Edmunds last year), but they opted to give him a minuscule deal with no money guaranteed.

This tells me two things. One is that Rudolph likely didn’t have any real market despite what he has said. This bare minimum deal to be a third option isn’t him settling for his best offer, it was likely his only offer. It also tells me that the Steelers have no commitment to Rudolph on their roster.

As stated, Rudolph is a great third quarterback to have, and unless a better opportunity arises, he will be the third man on this depth chart. That said, if a surprise name becomes available, cutting Rudolph won’t be hard. This could be a name on another roster that they want to try out or it could even be Tanner Morgan if he impresses everyone.

Again, Rudolph is a safer name on this list, but his roster spot is far from a lock. The team doesn’t lose anything by moving on from him, and the league is clearly not enamored with him either. If a surprise name becomes available, don’t be surprised to see the Steelers cut Rudolph.