5 Steelers veterans that could be surprise cuts this summer

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin II (19)
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin II (19) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers won’t promise a spot to Calvin Austin

A name that is found on just about everyone’s final roster prediction, Calvin Austin is treated like a core veteran for this team. Even during the offseason, when this team lacked a legitimate name to be the starting slot receiver, fans were quick to throw out Austin’s name as a fix-all solution to anyone claiming that receiver was a need for this team.

While Austin was a fun college prospect, he has proven nothing so far in the pros. While his early perception at training camp last season was positive, he also barely practiced before suffering a foot injury. That injury ultimately cost him his entire rookie season.

Despite showing us nothing in year one, people act like his roster spot is set in stone. While the receiver room is relatively shallow, Austin still has to earn his role with the team. For starters, he needs to stay healthy, as another injury-muddled offseason will likely keep him limited as an offensive piece.

On top of this, his play has to match the hype. Sure, Austin looks great in shells, but a small receiver with speed should look great right now. Does Austin still make an impact once the team gets more physical? How about when the preseason begins for this team and he is facing actual competition?

If Austin shows up and provides any sort of a splash, he is very likely safe on this roster. That said, if the injuries continue or his play is lackluster, he isn’t locked into a roster spot yet. He is a second-year former-fourth round pick. He needs to prove his worth just like anyone else trying to make the roster.