5 Steelers we already know will (probably) be gone in 2024

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson (20)
Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson (20) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers likely won’t bring back Mason Rudolph

To be fair, I was saying the exact same thing a season ago as Rudolph entered free agency for the first time. While his landing a starting job seemed far-fetched, plenty of teams could have used a stable backup quarterback, and Rudolph fits that bill. Instead, he wallowed in free agency before returning to the team on a minimum deal.

Like the other two names above, a reunion on a minimum deal could be in the works, but I struggle to see why this team would keep him any longer. Mitchell Trubisky is the entrenched backup while Kenny Pickett will be the starter until he proves he isn’t capable of being that.

If Pickett had made the jump many expected him to make, a Rudolph reunion would make more sense. With Pickett looking like anything but a franchise quarterback so far this season though, finding a different third option with some potential upside makes more sense. Add in the deep quarterback draft class, and the third quarterback could feasibly be a rookie.

As for Rudolph, you would think that he would like the opportunity to be at least the second-string veteran option for a team. That way, he would only be a snap away from playing, and that could revive his career. That isn’t happening with the Steelers. Because of these reasons, I think he will play elsewhere in 2024.