5 Steelers who have little to no chance of making the final roster this year

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Pittsburgh needs to move on from a draft bust instead of keeping him

The time has finally come for the Steelers to move on from Kendrick Green. He hasn't been good since he was drafted a couple of years ago in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft. They have tried everything that they could to keep him relevant since then and it has not worked. Green is a draft bust; it is that plain and simple.

Not everything can be pinned on Green because when a player is this bad of a draft, it is a group letdown. The Steelers were not able to coach him properly and Green was seemingly over drafted during that night in 2021. Progression in his game at the next level never happened and he seemed to be set up for failure from the start.

He would be the starting center for Pittsburgh during his rookie season and that was one of the worst performances by a rookie in recent memory. He rarely played center in college, but the black and gold thought he would magically be able to pick that up quickly. They then followed that up by trying to juggle him between guard and center as a last-ditch effort for him to become a starter again, which failed.

This past training camp saw him get some good publicity as the Steelers tried him at fullback as well as depth in the interior of the offensive line. He was an interesting story for a week or two because of the fullback option, but he continues to struggle in the blocking aspect of his game. Green is not good enough for the NFL and it is time he leaves Pittsburgh for another career move.