5 Steelers who have little to no chance of making the final roster this year

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Edge rushers have been full of talent this preseason for the Steelers

Off-season's are crazy in the NFL and perhaps no other team has as busy of one other than the Steelers. Omar Khan kept those who cover the club busy as he made free agency signings and trade acquisitions throughout the slower months of the football calendar. Those moves always change the idea of what this team could look like when the regular season kicks off.

Even after free agency and trades commenced, the draft ended up being another portion of the off-season that was praised by many. New players were brought into the fold to either start, push for a starting spot, or boost certain depth roles. One signing that many thought would make the roster early on was Quincy Roche.

He is a former sixth round selection of the Steelers in the 2021 NFL Draft. He has shown the ability to stick in the NFL as he was with the New York Giants for a couple of years after Pittsburgh cut him during his rookie year. Roche has not been great throughout his young career, but he is seen as a solid depth player at the outside linebacker position.

Unfortunately for Roche, the Steelers have stockpiled a ton of talent at outside linebacker since he joined the club. Both Markus Golden and Nick Herbig are talented players who have stood out at training camp and the preseason. Roche could always revert to the practice squad, but he could always find a home on an NFL roster like last time.

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