5 Steelers who are likeliest to return to the practice squad after initial cuts

Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Development for this versatile offensive lineman is the best situation for now

What are the Steelers going to do with Spencer Anderson? He hasn't been great, but he is also a seventh-round selection of this past draft class. One thing that has intrigued many is his position flexibility going forward. He lined up almost everywhere across the offensive line this preseason and should continue getting looks at multiple spots.

Would the risk of losing Anderson via waivers be worth it for Pittsburgh, or would they just keep him on the 53-man roster? That still needs to be situated among the Steelers organization when those final decisions need to be finalized. Anderson seems like a low risk of cutting and being exposed to waiver claims right now.

There are interesting parts to his game, but realistically he was over-drafted this past spring. Many projected him as an undrafted free agent coming out of Maryland, but the Steelers decided they liked what he provided to them. The chances of him making the roster are low right now and it seems tough for him to carve out a spot this year.

Nine spots will probably be the number of offensive linemen that make the team. Unless Anderson finds a way to become more stable as a tackle option, there seems to be little wiggle room for him to stick around when the final 53 gets announced. Expect Anderson to stay on the practice squad this season and hopefully challenge for a couple of depth roles next year.

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