5 Steelers who secured their roster spot following Week 3 of the preseason

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Elijah Riley will make the roster with the Steelers but the competition is still going

Slot cornerback has been a competition with two players trying any way to get ahead of each other. Both Chandon Sullivan and Elijah Riley are battling for that prized role on this with neither getting ahead of each other. Both have done some good things in training camp and the preseason contests that they have performed in.

Sullivan is more experienced in the slot role throughout his NFL career whereas Riley has been a safety and has worked his tail off to get his name in the slot role. Sullivan got the early leg up when he signed with the Steelers immediately after the NFL draft. He has done a respectful job thus far and will have a certain role on this team either in the slot or as a depth piece.

Another wrench that works into the fold is Patrick Peterson and what kind of position flexibility he might bring. He is getting older, and it seems like the team envisions him all over their secondary rather than just exclusively on the outside. Many expect him to play a vital role in the slot, which could end up taking snaps away from the victor of the slot competition.

Riley seems like he has been rising up the depth chart this entire time that builds up to the regular season. He is a younger option in a new role and that could end up getting him the job over Sullivan when it all comes down to the final choice. Expect both Riley and Sullivan to make the final roster, but their competition will go up to the final minute before game one against the San Francisco 49ers.