5 Steelers who should be shaking in their boots after the recent roster purge

These players could be next to lose their jobs.

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Allen Robinson II is the obvious choice for the Steelers to cut

A matter of when and not if will be the release of Allen Robinson II. There is no reason to keep him around at his current cap hit. Cutting the veteran receiver would save the Steelers ten million dollars, which would be better used elsewhere. Maybe Robinson used to be that player who deserved that level of cap hit, but he is far from that now.

Father time remains undefeated, and it seems like Robinson is heading towards retirement with each passing day. No doubt that he still has a couple more seasons left in him to play ball, but he will never reach the type of impact player that he was earlier in his career ever again. When you watch him play, you tell instantly that he has lost a step of speed and can't break away on routes.

Pittsburgh was hoping that the low-risk investment in Robinson would pay off to fill their slot receiver role well. He did a respectable job as a blocker, but he was almost nonexistent in the passing game. That will end up being the main reason why Robinson is a cap casualty by the Steelers. It makes zero sense to keep him around with that ten million in cap relief right there.

Maybe the Steelers could bring him back at a low cost, but one would have to imagine that Robinson would explore options elsewhere when he gets released. Good locker room guy and leader by most accounts, but this money has to be allocated somewhere else. You can take this roster move to the bank as Robinson will be one of the next casualties of the black and gold.