The top 5 superstars the Steelers should consider trading amidst their struggles

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward (97)
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Steelers could trade Diontae Johnson

Diontae Johnson has to be one of the more underrated players on this Steelers team. While receivers are constantly becoming bigger voices on teams, Johnson has remained a more quiet and focused player. All of this even though he has unfairly labeled bad hands (they are very average by NFL standards) and an offense that limits his receiving ability.

Johnson was set for a bounceback year after lackluster stats and no touchdowns a season ago. He was injured in week one though, and appears set to return to this offense following the bye week. While this offense could use an influx of talent, there is no guarantee that Johnson will pick up where he left off. Even if he does and this offense is still limiting this team, he could be traded.

Receivers are a premium position right now for teams in a pass-happy NFL. Being three or four deep with notable names isn’t uncommon as teams look to keep up with some of the elite offenses like the Chiefs. Despite not playing for most of this season, Johnson would still have value.

He is also on a relatively cheap deal. While many scoffed when he signed his short extension a few seasons ago, landing a starting receiver for under 20 million a season was a smart move. Other teams would view him as a relatively cheap asset considering his current contract.

If Johnson has a solid two games off the bye and the Steelers still find themselves as sellers at the deadline, he would make a lot of sense to deal. The team could net a decent package of picks for him and still have a capable receiver in George Pickens.