The top 5 superstars the Steelers should consider trading amidst their struggles

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward (97)
Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward (97) / Michael Longo/For USA Today Network /
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Steelers could trade Najee Harris

The Steelers spent the majority of their offseason building up their rushing offense. From a revamp on the offensive line to adding some more physical tight ends and receivers, the goal seemed to be for the team to lean on the ground as it had in the second half of last season, a period that was successful for this team.

At least that seemed to be the plan until week one. From there, the offense reverted back to its limited self from a year ago. In addition to this, the running game has been very hit-or-miss, and more often than not it has only been a miss. Najee Harris hasn’t been perfect, but the scheme and blocking haven’t done him many favors.

With these offensive struggles evident, the argument could be made that Jaylen Warren should be used more as he provides a better complement for this offense. While Harris wins with a grueling power style, Warren makes quicker decisions and runs with more burst. Harris is good for wearing a defense out when you have the lead; Warren is better for big plays and an up-tempo offense.

If this team falls out of it over the next few weeks, Harris makes the most sense to be traded. A team in need of a power rusher could look his way, and the Steelers could see what Warren can do with a full workload. Harris also has up to two years left on his rookie deal, which makes him even more appealing to teams. If Pittsburgh decides to be sellers, Harris could fetch a reasonable return in a trade.