5 teams that could alter Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 draft plans

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
Steelers, Joey Porter Jr. / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Steelers options if another team takes their cornerback

In a best-case scenario, neither the Patriots nor the Commanders take a cornerback, or only one team does. And the Steelers have their choice when on the clock; however, assuming a worst-case scenario and the Patriots and Commanders both take cornerback, the first question is, which ones do they target? They could go with an unexpected cornerback selection; they wouldn’t be the first teams to overreach or burn a first-round pick on 2nd round talent.

Assuming they target Porter and Witherspoon, the Steelers have three potential options. First, They could target Deonte Banks from Maryland. Although many think since the Steelers did not go to Maryland's pro day, he’s not even in the running. Still, he has over an 80% chance of being drafted before the end of the first round.

Secondly, they could take Cam Smith, the Cornerback from South Carolina. While he is a valid option, it comes with inherent risk in that he is closer to second-round talent, not first-round talent, and only has possibly a 41% chance of going in the first round. Nevertheless, if they are drafting a corner to sit behind and learn from Patrick Peterson for two years, then Cam Smith, Banks, or Even Kelee Ringo make sense at pick 17.

Third, they can switch positions. Wanting a corner and taking the right corner are two different things. Thus if the Patriots and Commanders force their hand and both take premium cornerbacks, then it leaves the possibility an offensive tackle could be ripe for the picking. The Steelers could take Banks, Kelee Ringo, or Emmanuel Forbes at the 32nd selection, which would make slightly better sense than not getting the guy you want at 17.