5 teams that should trade for Diontae Johnson if the Steelers decide to move him

If the Steelers decide to trade Diontae Johnson, he could land at one of these teams

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A report has come out stating Diontae Johnson's displeasure with his current situation with the Steelers. No one should be shocked by this as the star player for the black and gold enters his final year under contract with Pittsburgh. He has been their top receiver for most of his career and he probably wants a new deal.

That probably won't happen unless it's another short-term contract similar to what he got a couple of years ago. George Pickens will be getting a monster extension within another year or so. Re-signing might be something this club can't afford later down the line. Johnson sees the writing on the wall, and he could want a trade out of the city to get another contract extension and a new lease on life.

Might as well connect the Steelers and Bears in more trade rumors

When you look at the Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers, there are already plenty of trade rumors surrounding them. They have a trade history in recent years since they moved Chase Claypool to the Bears. There were also rumors that the Steelers put a trade offer on the table to try and acquire Jaylon Johnson from the Bears this past trade deadline.

Now, the rumors are on fire as the Steelers are the top potential trade partner to land Justin Fields from Chicago. Perhaps that means someone like Johnson could be an option to be sent the other way in a potential deal. Maybe a trade that had Johnson for Fields straight up might make sense. Both have a year left on their contracts unless Fields gets his fifth-year option picked up.

Maybe the Potential Fields trade and Johnson deals could be completely separate. We know the Bears already have D.J. Moore, but they would be wise to add another quality receiver to pair with either Fields or whichever rookie quarterback they decide to select first overall. Another potential deal could include a swap of picks or Johnson for a day two pick straight up.