5 teams that should trade for Diontae Johnson if the Steelers decide to move him

If the Steelers decide to trade Diontae Johnson, he could land at one of these teams

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With Calvin Ridley leaving Jacksonville, Johnson could be an option

Nothing is official in the NFL until it goes down. Rumors out of Jacksonville have been saying that Calvin Ridley will be walking in free agency. They love the player, but he would end up costing them a second-round pick in the upcoming draft if they re-sign him. That was one of the terms they hashed out during their prior trade with the Atlanta Falcons.

Ridley had a great comeback season after sitting out a year due to his suspension regarding the gambling problem. He was one of Trevor Lawrence's favorite targets and he proved that he can be a highly productive player in the NFL. With the free agency market starting to dry up with different names rumored to be staying with their current teams, Ridley could be a top receiver available.

With him possibly being one of the best receivers out in free agency, the Jaguars could pivot to a cheaper option rather than a bidding war. Instead of using a second-round pick on re-signing Ridley, they could trade that to the Steelers for Diontae Johnson. It would make sense for both sides as the Steelers would get an extra day-two selection and the Jaguars get a replacement for Ridley.

Not only would Jacksonville get a replacement for Ridley in this case, but they would be getting an upgrade. Johnson is considered to be a true number-one option on a team much more than Ridley ever will be. Getting another quality weapon for Lawrence to work with would only benefit the Jaguars. Pittsburgh would likely want to keep Johnson out of the AFC, but a round-two pick for him would get them interested.