5 teams that should trade for Diontae Johnson if the Steelers decide to move him

If the Steelers decide to trade Diontae Johnson, he could land at one of these teams

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Carolina Panthers are starving for talent across their entire roster

We know that the connection between Pittsburgh and the Panthers is there. They had some former Pittsburgh members in their front office, but that has started to fall apart after their recent firings. David Tepper, the Panthers owner, was a minority owner of the Steelers before purchasing the Panthers. The club has been poor since he took over the team.

This would make a ton of sense for the Panthers and Diontae Johnson. Carolina desperately needs talent across their roster, but they have an even bigger hole at receiver. They lack top picks in the coming drafts since they traded up to get Bryce Young last year. That could hurt them in the long run, but trading for someone like Johnson could be beneficial.

They need to continue to invest in their young quarterback and give him some weapons. Johnson would be a nice get for them. The Steelers would love to get their early second-round selection in the 2024 draft, but that might be too rich. Maybe they could get their third-rounder and swap some mid to late-round selections instead.

Johnson would also have an increased chance of getting a contract extension from the Panthers. They have a lot of cap space and would be willing to spend money on an extension for a top receiver. Johnson would be their top receiver on day one and would likely get paid like one on his next contract. This would be a nice deal for the Steelers, especially if they can somehow pry that 33rd-overall pick from Carolina.