5 teams that should trade for Diontae Johnson if the Steelers decide to move him

If the Steelers decide to trade Diontae Johnson, he could land at one of these teams

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Pittsburgh could trade Diontae Johnson to a Super Bowl Contender

Some might hate the idea of sending Diontae Johnson to a contender like the San Francisco 49ers, but it makes sense. They have some talented players and are always looking to improve. With future contracts going to star players in the coming years, it could be hard for them to keep everyone. Johnson is going into his last year and does need an extension, so that could complicate things.

We know that San Francisco is not afraid to add talented players to their explosive offense. They have stars all over the field like Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle. Adding someone like Johnson would only catapult their offense to new heights. This would likely be an "all-in" move by the 49ers as they probably won't be able to re-sign him.

Unless they are willing to part with Aiyuk after his rookie contract expires, Johnson's days in San Francisco would likely be limited to a single season. The question would be what or who would the 49ers be willing to trade to the Steelers to make the deal get done? Well, they have plenty of talent on their roster and some valuable draft picks.

If the Steelers asked for draft capital, they should demand their second-round pick, which is almost the last choice in that round. The 49ers also have two third-round selections so that could be an option too. If Pittsburgh wanted a player in return, maybe they could deal Johnson for someone like Deebo Samuel. They get a versatile receiver, and the 49ers get an elusive playmaker.

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