5 teams who could steal Steelers top targets in the 2023 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft, Steelers
2021 NFL Draft, Steelers / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Detroit could steal another cornerback from the Steelers for the second time

Detroit is currently haunting Pittsburgh as they took Cam Sutton earlier this offseason during the free agency portion. That was a big deal that they gave the former Steelers cornerback, and it should be money well spent. He was a solid contributor to the defense during his time here and emerged as the top dog for that group last season.

Even though the Lions were able to sign a top cornerback like Sutton in free agency, their secondary still has plenty of faults. Cornerback remains an issue that could find solutions early into the first round for Detroit. They will likely have their pick of the prospect pool as everyone predicts that every cornerback will be left on the board when their pick rolls around with the sixth selection.

Could the Lions haunt the dreams of Steelers Nation yet again? It would be the second time at the same position this offseason, but it could happen. This would be too rich for Porter to be picked, but it could set off a chain reaction at the position on night one. This could lead to plenty of other clubs in front of Pittsburgh's pick at 17 to go ahead and take out the top talents at corner by the time their turn to select comes around.