Power Moves: 5 key strategies to resurrect the Steelers' offense in 2024

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The Steelers have not played well throughout the first half of their 2023 season, but they have found ways to win most of their games thus far. That could always crash and burn if certain situations start to go in another direction. Other than a few turnovers that have changed the difference in games in the Steelers' favor, their offense has been terrible.

Inconsistency and overall treacherous coaching have been the consistent issue. Add in the fact that Kenny Pickett has not been great until the fourth quarter in most instances. There are crumbs to like, but the rest of the loaf of bread is covered in mold.

This offseason will have to be huge for Omar Khan and company to turn this group around. Here's five things the Pittsburgh Steelers must do in order to fix their disastrous offense.

1. Add an upgrade at OT so Dan Moore Jr. becomes a backup

Having a duo of Chuks Okorafor and Dan Moore Jr. has been a tough experiment to watch unfold. Both have been the starting tackles for far too long and finally, that trend is ending. Broderick Jones seems to be the starting right tackle moving forward since Moore is seen as better on the left side rather than the right side of the trenches.

It is still perplexing that Moore continues to get a nod over Jones on the left side, even though his development as a key piece of the offensive line's future is there. He should be developing into a top young left tackle in the league, but the Steelers don't seem keen on that for now. There could be some wrinkles to come this offseason.

Unless Moore and Jones become a top tackle group down the stretch for Pittsburgh, it seems like the club will be in that market this offseason. They will not seem desperate as they will be okay with Moore returning as a starter, but ideally, it would be nice to add someone via draft or free agency to upgrade and push Moore down to a backup role.