Power Moves: 5 key strategies to resurrect the Steelers' offense in 2024

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2. Find different ways to open up cap space for extra spending money

One thing Khan is known for as a general manager is his ability to work around and find cap space. He did it last offseason with some creative moves, and he has set himself up with the possibility of adding some spending cash to the club this offseason. Right now, they are scheduled to have roughly eight million dollars in cap space this upcoming free agency to spend according to Over the Cap's website.

Using their cap calculator Pittsburgh could find a bunch of different ways to open the money doors wide open. They could cut some bad contracts, or maybe even trade a couple of players on the cheap to get their deals completely off the table. Other options could be restructuring the contracts of some star players to lessen their cap hits in 2024.

Names like Allen Robinson II, Mason Cole, Okorafor, and Patrick Peterson are just a few names that could be released from their contracts. Those moves alone designated post-June 1st would inflate the Steelers' cap space from eight million to over 38 million in spending money. That is a 30 million dollar increase by releasing guys that cost too much.

Getting more money to upgrade certain positions is something that seems more likely than not to happen. Some of the names here are noticeable and have important roles in the club. Unless they wow with their play down the stretch, things are not looking good for their future in Pittsburgh. Money is needed to upgrade at those spots and cutting these guys makes the most sense.