Power Moves: 5 key strategies to resurrect the Steelers' offense in 2024

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5. Steelers need to add competition to push Kenny Pickett for his job

Mitch Trubisky is a reasonable backup for Kenny Pickett to start a couple of games if the starter were to get injured. He might be able to sneak you a few wins in that absence or at least keep your team afloat. The issue with Trubisky is that he will never push Pickett for the starting job, and it's possible that the Steelers coaching staff doesn't want that.

It will be a season and a half of starting for Pickett once the conclusion of the campaign comes to a close. He has not been showing much improvement, despite his quality fourth quarters. He has not been consistent and has been a key cog in why Pittsburgh's offense continues to sputter. If he can clean up his basic mechanics, then he should be an above-average starting quarterback at worst.

Pickett has not been able to show that improvement yet, and it is possible that he just might not be the franchise guy everyone has hoped for. Or maybe he needs someone breathing down his neck to push him to that next level. Maybe signing or drafting a quarterback might be the best way to handle the situation. Free agency might be more likely if this situation played out.

One name that sticks out could be Ryan Tannehill, who the Titans have recently benched. He is a reliable starter who has a ton of experience in the NFL. He could compete for a starting job with the Steelers if he could be signed in free agency. Jacoby Brissett is another name to monitor who is more of a journeyman who has started plenty of games.

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