5 trade destinations for Kenny Pickett if the Steelers quarterback wants out

If the Steelers decide to trade away Kenny Pickett, there are a couple of destinations that would make sense.

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Is Kenny Pickett on the trade block? No, that probably isn't the case for now. One thing that could change the future of Pickett with the Steelers is the option of him demanding a trade. His time with Pittsburgh has been rocky since he was not able to become the franchise guy that many hoped for. He could always take a step this upcoming season, but that is unlikely.

Pittsburgh just signed Russell Wilson to a one-year deal. Most times that doesn't mean you'd trade away a young quarterback just for the sake of it. Pickett would likely have to demand a trade from the Steelers to get shipped out of town.

They seem to want that competition element entering the preseason. Wilson will likely start, and that could be something Pickett can't live with.

The Steelers could find a trade partner with the Minnesota Vikings

After signing Sam Darnold to a one-year contract, this landing spot might make less sense. But it still could be a potential trade destination if Pickett wanted out. The Vikings just lost Kirk Cousins to the Atlanta Falcons via free agency. They weren't willing to spend the big bucks on him. They are in desperate need of a starting quarterback, preferably on the younger side.

Darnold is someone who can start on a bad team, but Pickett could be an option to get better with a change of scenery. They didn't show much interest in the young quarterback when he was coming out of the draft. That was also a transition period for the Vikings, and they had Cousins to start. They could be a good landing spot.

We know that Jordan Addison is a top receiver in Minnesota, and they have plenty of quality pieces on offense too. It could be a perfect place for Pickett to find a new route in his career. He has been too stale as a starting quarterback with the Steelers. Maybe an offensive-minded coach could get more out of his career.