5 trade destinations for Kenny Pickett if the Steelers quarterback wants out

If the Steelers decide to trade away Kenny Pickett, there are a couple of destinations that would make sense.

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A Quarterback-hungry team like the Denver Broncos makes sense

Right now, the Denver Broncos are in a world of hurt at the quarterback position. They have no clear number-one guy there after cutting Wilson earlier this offseason. They need to find a new guy to lead at that position and it could be in the draft. The only issue is that Denver is likely not in a spot where they could take one of the top three quarterbacks coming out of the draft.

Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels will all likely be gone by the time the Broncos pick. That could make them pivot and look at other options, including the trade market. There are not too many desirable starting options in free agency any longer. Maybe someone like Pickett or Justin Fields could find their way to Denver.

The best possible outcome for the Broncos would be landing a quarterback in the draft and having them become a reliable starter. They like J.J. McCarthy a lot. He has been rising draft boards, so he might not be available either. Investigating different starters via trade might be their best route to take. It could be their only option to find a starter.

Pickett is someone that needs help to push his career forward. Sean Payton is not an easy coach to play for, but he has experience with quality quarterbacks in his career. He was there when Drew Brees took his game to another level when he went from the Chargers to the Saints. Pickett will never be Brees, but he could develop into a better player behind a coach like Payton.