5 trade destinations for Kenny Pickett if the Steelers quarterback wants out

If the Steelers decide to trade away Kenny Pickett, there are a couple of destinations that would make sense.

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New England Patriots could need a starting Quarterback after the draft

Let the pre-draft process be your guide, but people don't know what the Patriots will do in the upcoming draft. They hold the third overall pick, but many don't know which way they will lean when that finally comes around. They are a rebuilding club, and it seems like they could go with a quarterback, but they might decide to go in another direction.

Marvin Harrison Jr. might be the best prospect coming out of this draft class. The issue is that the Patriots have plenty of starting receivers right now despite trade rumors out there. They want to ship some of those players out including former Steelers player, JuJu Smith-Schuster. If they do accomplish moving those receivers, then Harrison will remain in play.

If they do want to add someone like Harrison with the best player available approach, someone like Pickett could make a ton of sense. They just traded away Mac Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars, so they know about disappointing first-round picks. They have a new Head coach for the first time in decades, and he could be someone who could get more out of Pickett.

Adding a young quarterback who has a good chunk of starting experience and is still on his rookie contract would be enticing. It would allow them to be more flexible with their selection in the upcoming draft and even consider moving down if such a situation arises. The Steelers and New England make sense for a trade partnership regarding Pickett.