5 trade destinations for Kenny Pickett if the Steelers quarterback wants out

If the Steelers decide to trade away Kenny Pickett, there are a couple of destinations that would make sense.

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We know the Washington Commanders showed interest in Kenny Pickett

Sometimes when you are searching through different teams that could make sense, you need to see who showed interest in specific players when they were coming out of the draft. The Steelers might have selected Pickett, but plenty of other teams showed interest in the quarterback coming out of college. One of those teams was Washington.

They went to Pitt's pro day back in 2022, and it seemed like he could have been an option to select Pickett in the first-round. They ended up going in another direction, but it could make sense for them to circle back to him. Washington just signed Marcus Mariota, but someone like Pickett would be a better starting option.

The Commanders seem ready to move on from Sam Howell as their starter. He so happened to come out of the same draft class that Pickett did two years ago. Howell was selected in the fifth round and remains only 23 years old until the start of the regular season. He also has a good chunk of starting experience in the NFL. His game could remind some of a young Mitch Trubisky in certain aspects.

Both the Steelers and Washington have an opportunity in front of them to do the wackiest trade ever. Maybe a swap of Pickett and Howell could be a good change for both sides. We know Pittsburgh also expressed interest in Howell during that same pre-draft process that ended up with them taking Pickett. It would be a funny storyline to follow, but Washington could always just take Pickett for a late-round pick.