5 trade partners the Steelers should explore for George Pickens in 2024

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2. The Steelers could trade with the Lions

When drafting out this post, I really wanted to find a team in the NFC to give Pickens to as opposed to keeping him in the AFC. Unfortunately, I struggled to find a plethora of teams over there that make sense. Detroit stands out as a potential fit though.

Despite a long history of poor play, the Lions are seemingly on the uptrend. They have built up every position besides quarterback, which has in turn allowed Jared Goff to excel. While his future with the team isn’t certain, it seems likely that he will stick around. While Goff has looked good, he also benefits from a great cast around him.

While Amon-Ra St. Brown has become a dynamic option in the slot and outside, the Lions are missing a true down-the-field threat. Pickens can be just that. While I highlighted that Pickens has gotten better over the short and middle of the field, he is still best deep. That would aid the Lions offense.

They wanted to have that type of a threat in Jameson Williams, but he hasn’t panned out completely yet. He has struggled to see the field due to injuries and suspensions, and even when he has been active he hasn’t been dynamic. Pickens would fill that role well.

If the Lions want to keep rolling with Goff, providing him ample weapons is a must. Pickens is cheap and adds a new element to their offense. It would make a lot of sense for Detroit to at least explore adding another target, and Pickens could make sense if he were to be dealt in the offseason.