5 trade partners the Steelers should explore for George Pickens in 2024

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4. The Steelers could trade with the Cowboys

Staying in Texas for this next team, the final two options are different builds than the previously mentioned ones. Both of the last two teams have steadily been some of the best teams in the league for the past few years. They look to add a talent like Pickens in order to put them over the top cheaply.

The Cowboys already have a dynamic receiver in CeeDee Lamb, but they lack any other great options besides him. Branden Cooks has played a nice bit role, but he doesn’t have the upside that Pickens does. Beyond that, it is a bunch of relative no-names that offer very little for this offense.

Lamb would still be the defacto top dog for the Cowboys, but Pickens would provide them with a legitimate threat opposite of him. The Cowboys have one of the more expensive rosters as it stands right now as well, so they could add a better weapon in Pickens while still on his rookie deal.

Pittsburgh would also benefit from this trade. Not only would they get whatever the value is for Pickens in the deal, but they would also be sending him to the NFC. This means they would see him less often, always nice when dealing away a good talent. Dallas improves their offense for cheap and the Steelers get rid of a locker room issue, so this deal makes a lot of sense.