5 under-the-radar Steelers to keep an eye during the remainder of the preseason

Steelers, Cody White
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There is plenty of talent at tight end and this player has gotten no mention

One of the deepest positions on the Steelers right now is tight end. They have a ton of talent from their top starter down to some of the lowest depth guys that are currently filling out their team. Pat Freiermuth is a young star for this team and should be able to take his game to the next level. He gets a lot of attention from the media (and for good reason).

Darnell Washington is the new flashy rookie that everyone is excited to see after he slipped to the Steelers third-round pick in this recent draft. He has shown the ability to create some big plays during practices at training camp and some in the preseason. Zach Gentry is also back as a solid backup and Connor Heyward is a utility guy that can play everywhere.

Those top four are impressive and all of them will make the team since there will not be a normal fullback on the roster. That stacked room will allow Heyward to fill out that fullback spot and force a talented player off the club. Rodney Williams has been a solid contributor at training camp and showed some solid ability during game action too.

He is an interesting tight end that seems to be an issue of circumstance as he would likely have a shot at making the roster if there weren't so many talented players in front of him. Expect Williams to be released and signed to the practice squad if no other club picks him up on waivers. He is a talented tight end that might have some potential for this club.