6 cornerbacks who would transform the Steelers defense before the NFL Trade Deadline

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Kendall Fuller could be a nice addition for Pittsburgh if he is available

One player that has been flying under the radar in the NFL for the past several years has been Kendall Fuller. He has graded out well and would be an immediate upgrade over Wallace and Peterson if he were plugged into the lineup right now. The biggest issue for Fuller is his size and many have knocked him on that since coming out of college.

That has not stopped his ability as a cornerback to cover receivers in this league. One of the biggest concerns about acquiring someone like Fuller is the cap number that follows him for the rest of this season. He would be a rental piece for now as he is currently scheduled to become a free agent once this campaign ends.

No one can deny how good he has been since coming into the NFL, and he has only gotten better. He would be a tremendous get for the Steelers if they found a way to pluck him out of the Washington Commanders lineup. The biggest question mark about forming a deal here is if Washington would have any interest in moving someone like Fuller.

They just drafted a corner in the first round, but Fuller should be someone in talks for an extension rather than a trade. If the Commanders are out of a playoff spot and punt on this season, then it would make a lot of sense for the Steelers to bring him in. Right now, the Commanders are challenging for a playoff spot, so this trade could be tricky to maneuver.