6 cornerbacks who would transform the Steelers defense before the NFL Trade Deadline

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Pat Surtain II could be a big splash deal that Pittsburgh has made in the past

Never say never until the NFL trade deadline passes, but the Steelers seem like they will steer clear of the splash deal this season. This team has a small chance of making the playoffs let alone get close to the Super Bowl. That same statement could have been said when the black and gold made a splash when they added Minkah Fitzpatrick a few years back.

They didn't have their franchise quarterback at the time of the deal, and many thought the Steelers were insane to do it. Now they are sitting in another boat that makes them seem kind of careless if they would consider trading a first-round selection in the upcoming draft. Khan is smart and would try his best not to deal their top pick, but nothing should be off the table for now.

Patrick Surtain II from the Denver Broncos is a star cornerback who could be a boost to Pittsburgh's lineup. He has been one of the best young corners in the NFL ever since he was drafted ninth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. He was once seen as a key piece for the Broncos defense moving forward, but their current season has derailed that thought.

Denver is looking for draft capital as they try and find different ways to speed up the rebuilding process. The Steelers would likely have to depart with their first round pick this year, and potentially more to secure someone like Surtain. He is also on his rookie deal for another couple of years so that is another added bonus about this potential upgrade at corner.