6 cornerbacks who would transform the Steelers defense before the NFL Trade Deadline

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Byron Murphy is another veteran that could benefit from a trade to the Steelers

Right now, the Steelers are in a comfortable spot in the standings even though things might be close. They will need to find different ways to improve their disappointing start. They might have been sitting on top of their division at the bye week, but they have a bunch of issues. Those problems need to be fixed, especially on offense.

Cornerback is one of the biggest weaknesses currently, and there are some interesting veterans that could be dealt before the deadline. One name that could pop up in the rumor mill is Byron Murphy of the Minnesota Vikings. A lot has gone wrong for Minnesota, and it seems like they will have to consider moving a couple of pieces via trade over the next week and some change.

Murphy could be a prime candidate and the Steelers should show some interest in the veteran. They added Peterson this past offseason but neither he nor Wallace have done an acceptable job in a starting role. Again, trying to find different ways to fit Murphy in the cap situation moving forward would need to be situated before a move happened.

He is paid handsomely for this year and next, so it is possible that Wallace or Peterson could go back the other way to make things even. Either that or the Vikings would have to pay some of the remaining deal. Murphy has not been stellar this year, but he would be a nice addition in a second cornerback role that compliments Porter on the opposite side.

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