6 former Pittsburgh Steelers we would like to see return to the team in 2024

There are plenty of former Pittsburgh Steelers who fans would love to see return in Free Agency

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Chris Hubbard could play a big role on the Offensive line if he returns

Do many people remember Chris Hubbard? The likely answer is no, but he is someone who played a big role for the Steelers. He departed the team in 2017 during free agency. He inked a big contract in Cleveland that made him a starting tackle. Hubbard was a key depth piece during his time in Pittsburgh when their offensive line was one of the best in the league.

After two years of up-and-down play for the Browns, Hubbard started to struggle. He didn't start many games and eventually would be let go after the 2022 season. The Tennessee Titans were quick to pick up the veteran offensive lineman. He has a lot of NFL experience and has started games both at guard and tackle. Most of those starts have been on the right side.

That should be music to the ears of Steelers fans. They need someone to start at right tackle so Broderick Jones can flip back over to the left side. We know that the club could invest another high-round pick in taking a tackle in the upcoming draft. Even if they do, signing someone like Hubbard would be a reliable move to fall back on.

Hubbard is someone who can compete for the tackle spot in training camp with any rookie you bring in. The Steelers are familiar with his game, and he can move into a depth role at tackle and guard if he is unable to prove himself as a starter. This veteran is coming off another season of injury, but he would be a cheap get for Pittsburgh in free agency.