6 free agent quarterbacks who could be on the Steelers' wishlist in 2024 offseason

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The Pittsburgh Steelers enter the holiday season on shaky ground as the team was sitting pretty, looking like a sure-fire playoff team just a few weeks ago, but key losses down the stretch have made it extremely difficult for the team to find its way into the postseason.

This makes many think towards the offseason, and how the team can improve their roster so that they can be in a better spot next year, and make some noise in the postseason. In honor of the holiday season, here is the wish list of potential veteran quarterbacks the team could bring in this offseason, either to back up Kenny Pickett, battle it out with him, or to take his job.

Pipe Dream: Kirk Cousins

The sexy option on free agency for the Steelers this offseason if they were to replace Kenny Pickett would be to bring in Kirk Cousins. Cousins would no doubt be an immediate upgrade at the quarterback position for the Steelers, but will not come at a cheap price, as the unquestioned top option on the market.

One of the positives of signing Cousins is that he is the type of quarterback the team is looking for, as many compared Pickett to Cousins when he came out of college. Additionally, Cousins has postseason experience and has made multiple Pro Bowls, while getting high-end production out of his receivers. He would undoubtedly make the Steelers a more dangerous team in the short term and could improve the outlook of the offense, while also potentially serving as a mentor to Pickett if he were only to be a one-year option.

However, there would be negatives to signing him as well. The main issue is Kirk Cousins will be 36 years old at the start of next season and is coming off of a torn Achilles. At some point, age will play a factor, and result in regression, and while that is not necessarily going to happen next year, coming off of a major injury could impact that.

Combine his age, cost, and the unlikelihood that they'll give up on Pickett for sure after just two years, and this makes it very unlikely that the team will pursue Cousins. The rest of the options on this list are much more realistic options, who could start, but will at best enter Training Camp as competition for Pickett.