6 free agent quarterbacks who could be on the Steelers' wishlist in 2024 offseason

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2. Baker Mayfield

While this may be an unpopular choice among Steelers fans, Baker Mayfield sits at number 2 among veteran free agent quarterbacks the team could sign this offseason. Although he is disliked by the fanbase due to his cocky attitude and time spent with the Cleveland Browns he would undoubtedly be an upgrade over Mason Rudolph and Mitch Trubisky.

Mayfield was a disappointment in Cleveland, as he never lived up to the billing of the number one overall pick. However, that is not to say that he is a bust, as he has had a solid NFL career, leading the Browns to the postseason, and playing his tail off in Tampa Bay this year, giving them a shot at the postseason.

Mayfield will be 29 years old at the start of next season, and while he may not be a high-end option, Mayfield can definitely be a starter at the NFL level and he has proven that once again this year. He can be a guy who leads the team to the postseason, and while he may not be a guy who can take the Steelers on a deep playoff run, he could potentially be a starter in a postseason game and would be a welcome addition to the team.

However, unlike some of the other quarterbacks on this list, I don't know if Baker would take kindly to being the backup. I believe the Steelers plan to have Pickett start at the beginning of next year but won't just hand him the keys he'll have to earn it, and if Baker loses the battle in camp, he could be fielding questions during interviews that could stir up some drama anytime Pickett doesn't have a big game and the Steelers lose.

Either way though, he would definitely improve the quarterback room, and if he was willing to accept a job as the backup, if Pickett wins the job he would be arguably the best backup in the league. However, with the Buccaneers making a playoff push and not having a high pick, the team could extend an offer to Mayfield to return next season, so unlike the other players on this list, he is not as certain to reach free agency.