6 unlikely players I want the Pittsburgh Steelers to take in the 2023 NFL Draft

Baylor defensive lineman Siaki Ika (DL08)
Baylor defensive lineman Siaki Ika (DL08) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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With the draft upon us, the Steelers have seemingly a slew of potential directions that they can go from their top pick to their final one. While their options are a lot more open than they typically are, there seem to still be quite a few players that you can rule out for the team in the draft process.

Personally, these are six players who I would love to see in a Steelers uniform even if it isn’t likely to happen this year. From players whose value is too high to players that don’t fill an immediate need, I find it hard to imagine that any of these players ultimately end up as selections for the team. That said, I’d irrationally love it if these six players ended up in Pittsburgh.

6. Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole Miss

The first of three receivers on this list, Jonathan Mingo was a later find for me than some of the other names you will see on this list. A unique build, Mingo is built like a running back but plays receiver. He has a stout frame that makes it hard to bring him down as well as the necessary moves to make defenders miss in space.

Mingo’s stock has seemingly risen as of late, and the team would likely have to use their third-round pick on the position. With the trade for Allen Robinson and the return of Miles Boykin, I doubt the team goes receiver that early. I think Mingo is going to be a valuable slot receiver in the league, but it doesn’t seem like he will land with the Steelers.