6 players with concerningly slow starts at Steelers training camp

Steelers, Calvin Austin III
Steelers, Calvin Austin III / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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A returning receiver for Pittsburgh continues to try and shake off some rust

Missing out on a rookie year is hard and trying to live up to the hype only adds to that pressure. Calvin Austin III was enjoying a strong start to camp last year before an injury knocked him out of his entire rookie campaign around this time last year. He finally returns to the football field with hopes of bringing that same juice back this time around.

Being out of football for a year will bring rust around, and that is a natural thing that occurs. Austin has seen this struggle to start off camp and it has some wondering if he was just a flash in the pan last camp before his injury occurred. Don't write off Austin yet as he still has a lot of time to not only prove the doubters wrong but to increase his role on offense.

Speed kills in the game of football and that is what Austin consistently relies on to make plays as a receiver. He can play at different spots on offense and fill a couple of different roles. Another added aspect to his game that many are interested in will be him as a returner on special teams. He has a lot of work to do before many start seeing improvement this pre-season.

It seems like once the rust is shaken off by Austin there will be a lot of explosive plays made in practices. He is too talented of a player to not make significant chunk plays on offense for the Steelers this year. He might be dropping passes in his direction to start things off, but time should be able to turn things around for him.