6 Steelers players who could lose snaps to rookies in 2024

Which veterans might need to watch their back?
Pittsburgh Steelers, Nate Herbig
Pittsburgh Steelers, Nate Herbig / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Nate Herbig, IOL

This one isn't difficult to see. When the Steelers drafted the second-best center prospect in the class, Nate Herbig immediately moved back on the depth chart -- not that the Steelers were actually going to plan on starting him, in the end.

Zach Frazier is going to come in and start right away, now. There is no doubt about it. Pittsburgh wouldn't have used a second rounder on a guy they don't plan to start. Frazier is your starting center, and it's a good thing, because this unit struggled to pass block as a whole in 2023. Herbig only appeared in three games, but he was less than stellar in two of those games.

Dan Moore Jr., OT

There isn't much to say, here, either. The Steelers took offensive tackle Troy Fautanu in the first round, and he's going to start. No longer do the Steelers have to worry about the ineptitude of Dan Moore. This is Fautanu's gig, now. And, thank goodness. Moore was one of the most wildly-inconsistent pass blockers in the league last season, earning a single-game pass blocking grade of just 3.5 in Week 2, per Pro Football Focus.

You read that right -- 3.5. That's honestly impressive. I'm not sure how he accomplished such a feat, but Moore pulled it off. Now, fans don't have to stress over seeing Moore trying to protect the quarterback.