7 former Steelers draft picks in danger of missing the 53-man roster

Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69)
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Will the Steelers hold on to Kendrick Green

One of the bigger draft busts in recent years, the entire process of selecting Kendrick Green was a mistake. The team wanted a pro-ready center who could start right away, so they drafted an undersized college guard who had limited experience at the center position. The results were as expected, and Green was a liability in his rookie year.

He followed that up with a mediocre second season, as the team did everything they could to keep him off the field. He was “competing” for a starting role in the offseason, but it was clear he wasn’t having any more success at guard than center.

Green is now back at center in year three, and he actually still has a shot at making the roster. No, he won’t be a starter, but the team is currently lacking a backup center, and Green could fill that role. He has been running with the second team as their center, and if he can show enough competence in the role, he could serve as the primary backup there.

That said, his spot is far from secure, and if the struggles continue, he will be one of the easier cuts to make in the offseason. Don’t completely write him off yet, but he is squarely on the bubble as of now. There is a really good chance he doesn’t make the final roster, even if he has a glimmer of hope as of now.