7 potential Kenny Pickett replacements if the Steelers QB continues to struggle

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Dak Prescott could be on his way out of Dallas if they cannot make a deep playoff run

Perhaps one of the most polarizing players in recent history of the NFL has been Dak Prescott. He has been a good starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys ever since he was drafted in 2016. Prescott is very much like Cousins as he does have some ups and downs but has been a good regular season performer overall. His warts show when the post season begins.

He has not been able to help the Cowboys ever get to a Super Bowl, let alone win one. He is a big-name player that could be an interesting name that could become available this offseason if Dallas comes up short again. Right now, everything is right with the world in Dallas as the team dominates their competition each week.

That could be false hope as they have played some of the easiest competition to start their schedule. Prescott has been the quarterback for a long time and rumors have surrounded the club with the possibility of moving on from him in the past. This year and potential playoff outcome might be the determining factor here.

The Steelers could use someone like him who is still in his prime and can be seen as a big running back when he uses his feet. Prescott would be an upgrade over the current play of Pickett and the Steelers need someone that can get them back into the playoffs. Prescott will get you there and might be able to help Pittsburgh get on a run.

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