A Steelers trade for Treylon Burks would be another failed move at wide receiver

The Steelers will fail at the receiver position if they think the answer is adding Treylon Burks via trade for the Titans.
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Rumors have been surrounding the Steelers about potentially adding another receiver to be their number two option on the outside. It seems like Roman Wilson will slide into the slot to start his career, and the other options currently on the depth chart could be improved. Many thought the club could add someone in free agency, but that pool has dried up.

Now everyone expects the black and gold to add someone via trade. Names like Bradon Aiyuk, D.K. Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, and many others have flooded the rumor mill since the NFL Draft. It seems like it is not out of the question that Pittsburgh will try and add another starting-level receiver if an opportunity presents itself. It is also possible that they will roll into training camp with Van Jefferson, Scotty Miller, and Calvin Austin III as top guys to become starters.

Those names don't elicit confidence heading into this season, so many have speculated recently that the Steelers should trade for Treylon Burks. The former first-round pick has been a massive disappointment in the NFL and only carries some substance because he was a first-round pick a couple of years ago. Adding someone like Burks would only add to the current problem at receiver for Pittsburgh.

Adding Treylon Burks via trade for the Steelers would be another failure

Right now, the Steelers are currently throwing a bunch of options at the wall and hope one of them sticks to fix their issues at receiver. Perhaps Wilson will be able to play outside and allow for someone to show up in the slot. If that doesn't happen, then adding Burks to the already crowded receiver room wouldn't provide much of an upgrade.

He would just add to the already discombobulated room of players that will hopefully land with someone sticking to a starting role. Yes, Burks has draft pedigree, but that does not mean that he will get better on a new club. We also know that this receiver received little interest from Pittsburgh when he was coming out of the 2022 NFL Draft. That is normally a sign that they will keep that level of interest throughout that player's career except for a few exceptions.

Trading for Burks would likely cost little to acquire, but you would prefer to add someone else if you truly want an upgrade. Adding this receiver would only bring another question mark onto an offense that has a lot of things to prove. If the Steelers are serious about upgrading their second receiver spot, they have to do better than just adding Burks.

If the Steelers would acquire Burks via trade, they would be getting a failed first-round pick who cannot stay on the field. He has only started in 15 games during his first two seasons in the NFL. Maybe if he could stay healthy then he could produce respectable numbers. This is a trade Pittsburgh should avoid as they should turn their attention to actual upgrades that might be available.

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