AFC North standings have Steelers playoff chances combusting heading into Week 15

  • Cincinnati jumps into the playoff spot with their backup quarterback success
  • Nothing seems to be going right for the Steelers
  • The Ravens rule all

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The AFC North division standings seems to have the Ravens rule all

Right now, the division lead is not close as the Ravens continue to find ways to win games. One of their losses has come against the Steelers in a fluke loss on the road earlier this season. As usual, the only person that could ruin things for the Ravens is themselves. They are coming off a game-winning return last week against a tough Rams club.

Baltimore has been the most consistent team in the AFC North all season from week to week. It seems more probable than not that they will win the division barring any crazy scenarios happening. There are only four more weeks of competition remaining and it seems like Baltimore might have the division locked up well before the schedule concludes.

Although there are going to be some asterisks, their week 15 matchup could be seen as an AFC playoff preview. Jacksonville will play host to the Ravens this week as the Jaguars try to deal with some injuries from last week. Trevor Lawrence seems to be playing on one ankle right now. It will be a tougher opponent for the Ravens this time around.

The Jaguars have started to stumble some over the past month or so. They have found ways to win big games even though they have shown signs of struggle in certain moments. It should be a good Sunday night football game for once. Most of those contests have been disappointing for most of this season. Baltimore will be the favorites, but this is nothing the Jaguars haven't overcome before.