AFC North standings see Steelers confidence falling apart heading into Week 14

  • Bengals remain at the bottom of the AFC North standings
  • Steelers remain in a playoff spot despite their terrible loss
  • Ravens enjoyed a bye week that only helped their AFC North lead

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Steelers remain in a playoff spot despite their terrible loss

Perhaps the worst loss in Steelers history occurred this past weekend, and if it wasn't the worst, it was surely up there. Everything that could have been bad regarding the Steelers this past Sunday was there. The team looked unprepared, outbattled, injuries everywhere, and the weather just added a cherry on top. Nothing went well this past weekend.

Pickett is now out with injury for the next handful of weeks, and now it will be up to Mitch Trubisky to get this team to the playoffs, or Mason Rudolph if Trubisky falters. Just a completely embarrassing performance this past week for Pittsburgh that might push them toward a steep decline over the last several weeks of the regular season.

Short week this week as the Steelers host the New England Patriots. Both offenses are terrible, but it seems like the Steeler's defense has found ways to make even bad opposing starters at quarterback seem effective. Both clubs will be dealing with injuries as we get ready for a game on a short week. Keep an eye on those injury reports.

Even with Trubisky in the game, the Steelers should be able to win this game in a low-scoring affair. The Patriots offense is unbelievably bad, and their most recent starting quarterbacks have not helped the cause. Expect both defenses to have a strong game and it will come down to which offense can make a couple of big plays when it matters most.