AFC North standings see Steelers riding off a high heading into Week 13

  • The Bengals sit at a losing record
  • Things are looking up for the Steelers
  • Baltimore remains on top of the division

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Things are looking up for the Steelers after a big divisional win

After a tough loss at the hands of Cleveland a week earlier, the Steelers were able to rebound with a massive win on the road in Cincinnati. It was a game that ended in a close score, but Pittsburgh was able to dominate in almost every category besides the scoreboard. Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of this game was the impressive performance by the Pittsburgh offense.

Kenny Pickett finally looked the part as the future quarterback for the black and gold in this one. He was reading the field well and both Eddie Faulkner and Mike Sullivan combined for an impressive duo performance to run the Steelers offense. Matt Canada is gone, and after one week it seems like he was the sole problem. Don't get too high though on the hype as there is plenty left to show.

Week 13 brings the flopped Arizona Cardinals to town. They are still playing for respect with the remainder of their schedule, but they seem like a club looking to lose games and get into the top-tier draft positioning. The Steeler's defense will have their work cut out for them with Kyler Murray and James Conner coming to town.

The recipe for success is simple against Arizona, stop both Murray and Conner from running the ball and keep pressure on the quarterback. The Steelers offense needs to keep their run game going on the ground and Pickett has to translate last week's performance over to this game. Finish drives with touchdowns this week and they should roll over Arizona.