AI compared these 3 Steelers to NBA players, and the results are hilarious

T.J. Watt's NBA comparison is surprisingly fitting; Cameron Heyward's comp is straight-up comical

Steelers, Draymond Green
Steelers, Draymond Green / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

You're missing out if you haven't experimented with artificial intelligence yet. Over the past few months, we have asked AI to do some pretty wild things. This included asking ChatGPT which Marvel superhero T.J. Watt would be and why, who would make the all-time Bill Cowher team, and even comparing Pittsburgh Steelers players to Super Mario Bros characters.

The possibilities are endless as AI continues to amaze us with how quickly the software can generate responses. Now that the NBA season is over, we decided to have a little fun with ChatGPT by asking AI to compare the top three Steelers players to professional basketball players. The results were outstanding.

It's pretty unanimous who the top three Steelers are among the fanbase. These spots are reserved for T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Cameron Heyward. While I'm not the biggest NBA fan, I was interested to see what type of results AI would generate. It did not disappoint.

AI compares Steelers stars to NBA players

As artificial intelligence instantly fired off a response to my question, it started by comparing T.J. Watt to Clippers star and five-team All-Star, Kawhi Leonard. The reasoning was spot-on.

"In terms of NBA comparisons, a player like Kawhi Leonard comes to mind. Leonard is an elite defensive player known for his disruptive presence, ability to shut down opponents, and his knack for creating turnovers. Both Watt and Leonard are highly skilled, versatile, and consistently make game-changing plays."

ChatGPT on T.J. Watt

Despite the fact that these two players have a completely different physiques and play different sports, the cross-comparison with Leonard makes sense. Both are elite defenders in their respective professions.

From here, Chat GPT gave a player comparison for three-time First-Team All-Pro safety, Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Steelers star defensive back earned a Chris Paul player comp for his ability to survey the field and make plays.

"A suitable NBA comparison for Fitzpatrick could be Chris Paul. Just as Fitzpatrick excels in reading the field, anticipating plays, and making key interceptions, Paul is a master of reading the court, orchestrating plays, and generating steals. Both players have a high basketball IQ, impact the game beyond their individual statistics, and provide leadership on the field or court."

ChatGPT on Minkah Fitzpatrick

Paul has been a field general in the NBA much like Minkah has been as a defensive star and captain on the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a weird way, this comp makes sense.

Finally, artificial intelligence offered an NBA player comparison for Steelers veteran and former All-Pro, Cameron Heyward.

"In terms of an NBA comparison, a player like Draymond Green fits the mold. Green, known for his defensive prowess, versatility, and ability to anchor the defense, showcases similar qualities to Heyward. Both players are integral to their team's success, provide excellent positional defense, and contribute to their respective units' overall effectiveness."

ChatGPT on Cameron Heyward

This response was hilarious. While fans either love or hate Draymond Green, his well-rounded ability on defense makes him a suitable cross-sport player comparison for Heyward.

Whether you are a fan of professional basketball or not, you've got to admit that it's interesting to see what ChatGPT had to say about these Pittsburgh Steelers comparisons to NBA players. AI is continuing to improve, and it's amazing what types of responses it can come up with in a matter of seconds.