Antonio Brown drama won't end, former arena players plan to file class-action lawsuit

Steelers, Antonio Brown
Steelers, Antonio Brown / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No matter how badly we wish to stop hearing about Antonio Brown, his antics always seem to land him on the front page of the news cycle. Since forcing his way off the Pittsburgh Steelers, the former All-Pro receiver has been a headache for everyone whose doorway he has darkened. Now that drama is continuing even after his recent embarrassment.

Brown, who was the owner of the Albany Empire, eventually got his team kicked out of the National Arena League. But the spotlight remains on the person who craves it most. According to reporter Dov Kleiman and the Times Union, members of his former arena team now plan to file a class-action lawsuit against Brown.

Multiple reports concluded that Brown was withholding timely payments from his arena league players. Just weeks later, he created the most awkward situation imaginable for his players by suiting up for the team he owns. Now the most recent report is disturbing.

According to Kleiman, Empire head coach Moe Leggett said team members were paid last Thursday and Friday for the Orlando game. However, a member of their group chat on Wednesday night posted a screenshot of the bank account reversal.

This would suggest that Brown tried to pull one over on his former players and rob them of what they were due. As a result, Kleiman states that members of the former arena team are planning a class-action lawsuit against the former Pittsburgh Steelers star.

Obviously, the judicial system is innocent until proven guilty. While we don't have all of the details here, we know Brown's character well enough at this point to know that this is something he is capable of doing without hesitation.

We don't have all of the details of this matter, and I'm sure more will follow in the coming weeks. No matter how you slice it, this is just another awful look for Antonio Brown, and an additional ugly stain added to his already tarnished reputation. If the goal is to become one of the least-likable athletes of all time, he's well on his way at this rate.