Antonio Brown is stirring the pot with controversial George Pickens comparison

If AB is comparing personalities, this is not the player comp we want to see for George Pickens.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

You can only keep Antonio Brown out of the spotlight for so many days in a row before he finds a way to make himself relevant again. The good news is that we aren't talking about an arrest warrant for AB this time. The bad news is that Brown has found another way to stir the pot throughout the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase.

On Wednesday evening, Brown posted a picture that was split halfway down the middle -- merging half of his face with George Pickens' face, and a caption that read, "George Pickens morphing into Antonio Brown'.

Some fans are taking this caption and Photoshop work to mean that Pickens is developing into a great receiver like Brown once was. But is that really what AB is getting at here? If it is, it's an awfully interesting time to post this.

Pickens is coming off a game in which he recorded -1 receiving yards on 5 targets. However, the biggest storyline from the game had nothing to do with Pickens' performance on the field. Rather, his vivid frustration and negative body language are what had everybody talking.

The talented Steelers receiver hung his head after each missed opportunity. When Diontae Johnson finally scored the go-ahead touchdown for Pittsburgh in the fourth quarter against the Titans -- snapping his 21-game streak without a score -- Pickens dropped his head and mosied to the bench instead of congratulating his teammate.

During his Tuesday press conference, Mike Tomlin reluctantly addressed questions about Pickens' apparent frustration, but the Steelers head coach brushed it off as a 'non-issue'.

Does Antonio Brown spot another diva in the making?

The fact that this weird Twitter post comes just days after George Pickens' poor performance against the Titans where his frustration was getting talked about by the media might show that this is what Antonio Brown is referring to.

Even years after leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown is still constantly hearing about his diva personality and how he was one of the biggest headcases to ever play the game. By claiming that Pickens is 'morphing' into himself, Brown could be pointing out that there's more than just one disgruntled receiver who came through Pittsburgh and always wanted the football.

Of course, this is all just speculation. We may never know the thoughts or reasoning running through Antonio Brown's head. But once again, the former Steelers All-Pro had a social media post that went viral, and he's trying to make us decipher what it means.