Antonio Brown practically begs the Steelers to give him another chance

AB wants to return to the Steelers, but it's time to give up on this silly dream of an NFL comeback.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown
Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost more than just the game against the 49ers in Week 1; they lost two of their best players to soft tissue injuries. Cameron Heyward is confirmed to have a groin tear that requires surgery, while wide receiver Diontae Johnson pulled his hamstring and is expected to miss as many as four games.

With the injury news about Johnson surfacing, former NFL receiver, Antonio Brown, apparently figured he could use this opportunity to weasel his way back into the organization.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro receiver has sent out numerous tweets since hearing of the Diontae Johnson news. In one tweet, he even tagged the Steelers -- not so subtly expressing his interest in returning to play professional football.

I'll give him credit, the guy is persistent. But that's not going to get him very far. Brown tweeted out a picture of himself in a Steelers uniform from back in the day with the caption, "Here Me Out."

If his intentions weren't obvious enough, he then proceeded to tweet out a graphic of him in a Steelers color rush uniform standing next to second-year receiver, George Pickens.

No, Antonio Brown isn't returning to the Steelers

This pathetic display from Brown is nothing more than an attempt to put the spotlight back on a man who craves it more than anyone in the industry. Fans begging for this lunatic to come back must have been quick to forget that he burned down every bridge possible with this organization (in a city known for building indestructible bridges, ironically enough).

Following the 2018 season, Brown forced his way out the door and demanded a trade following a series of distractions and incidents off the field. The diva receiver intentionally sabotaged his trade value after Pittsburgh reportedly had a deal in place with the Buffalo Bills.

Eventually, the Steelers caved to his demands and traded Brown to the Raiders for a third-round pick, but John Gruden wouldn't even let him stick around long enough to make it to his first NFL game in Oakland (the year before the team made the move to Los Angeles). From there, Brown bounced around to New England, then to Tampa Bay before the NFL collectively decided that he was no longer worth the headache.


Now at 35 years old and with a laundry list of incidents attached to his name, there is zero reason to believe that the Steelers would even entertain the thought of a reunion with Antonio Brown. During the 2023 offseason, the former NFL wide receiver had run-ins with the law that included withholding payments to his former arena league football team to unpaid child support payments.

Brown continuously pops back up in the news cycle for all of the wrong reasons, and I -- like every other Steelers fan on the face of the planet -- am sick of hearing about him.

No, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not signing Antonio Brown. They know that, and we know that. Now it's time for AB to figure that out.

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