Athletic freaks from the NFL Combine the Steelers must draft

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3. Bryan Bresee is becoming a Steelers draft crush

If the Steelers set their sights on a defensive lineman in the first round, Bryan Bresee has to be the primary target. While a hot and cold player in college, Bresee flashed some elite traits that could make him a star along a defensive line. He continued to funnel that narrative at the combine, as his performance there lived up to the expectations people had of the Clemson prospect.

Bresee battled injuries and tragedies in school which aided in his underperforming at times. When he was at his best, Bresee was a dynamic presence, carving through offensive linemen and getting after the quarterback or running back. There were times when he would disappear from the game as well, which has muddied his draft stock.

If he were to make it to the Steelers pick in the first round, it would be tempting to add him. He has the size and the athleticism you want in a player at his position, and the only physical trait I’m not thrilled with is his shorter arms. Besides that, Bresee has to be squarely on the team’s radar after his combine performance.