Building the dream early-season cushy schedule for Steelers QB Russell Wilson

This five-game stretch to start the season would be the best possible outcome for QB Russell Wilson maintain job security.
Feb 11, 2024; Paradise, Nevada, USA;  Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson
Feb 11, 2024; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 NFL schedule will soon be released, and Steelers fans are anxious to see when their team will be facing their toughest opponents and biggest rivals. In a matter of hours, we will learn about Pittsburgh's bye week, how many nationally televised games they will play, and which opponents they will face to open and close the 2024 season.

While we wait for the NFL schedule release, I couldn't help but think about Pittsburgh's quarterback situation. The Steelers have a daunting list of opponents this year, and if QB Russell Wilson doesn't perform well early in the season, Mike Tomlin could be forced to make a switch.

What would be the easiest possible schedule Wilson could face early in the year to maintain job security? It's highly unlikely the Steelers get this fortunate with their early-season schedule, but here's what the best possible five-game stretch to open the season could look like for Russell Wilson.

Easiest possible Steelers schedule to start the season for Russell Wilson

Week 1: Steelers vs. Giants

Talk about tossing the Steelers quarterback a lob. As Wilson attempts to develop chemistry as he hits the ground running with his new team, what better way to do this than with a cupcake game against the New York Giants?

Giants QB Daniel Jones is still recovering from an ACL injury, and this was one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2023. Wilson would also have the privilege of staying at home for this contest. The NFL is highly unlikely to give the Steelers an out-of-conference game in Week 1, but this is a season-opening matchup Wilson would love to have.

Note: Zach Klein of WSB-TV reports that sources around the league told him the Steelers and Falcons will faceoff in Atlanta in Week 1.

Week 2: Steelers @ Commanders

After opening the 2024 season on the road in this hypothetical dream schedule for Russell Wilson, I have the Steelers hitting the road and facing the Commanders in Week 2. Washington drafted a potentially dangerous quarterback, Jayden Daniels, with the second overall pick, but Mike Tomlin's team historically performs well against rookies and they should keep him in check in his second-ever NFL game.

Washington was just as embarrassing as the Giants last season and there are numerous holes on their roster. Facing these NFC East opponents in back-to-back weeks to start the season won't happen, but it would almost certainly make for a 2-0 to Wilson's career with the Steelers.

Week 3: Steelers @ Raiders

The Steelers have easier road matchups than they do at home this year -- it's just the way the opponents lined up. Because of this, I have them playing one of their easiest AFC opponents in Week 3 in this dream scenario to start the 2024 season.

With a new coach and a questionable quarterback, the Raiders should not threaten teams this coming season, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have significantly more talent on their roster. I think this would make a 3-0 start for Wilson and company.

Week 4: Steelers vs. Chargers

I didn't want to put the Chargers here in Week 4, but I couldn't risk throwing in a third straight road game early in the season. Quarterback Justin Herbert has the ability to slice up Pittsburgh's questionable secondary, but I have this game coming early enough in the season that Herbert won't have time to develop much chemistry with his new pass catchers.

Meanwhile, LA's defense was a wreck in 2023 and they won't have all the kinks ironed out this early in the season. Wilson could go off for a big performance. This game could go either way, but at home with the more talented roster early in the season, the Steelers claim another win here.

Week 5. Steelers @ Broncos

Here's where we get the Russell Wilson revenge game in this dream five-game scenario to start the 2024 season. Sean Payton is a great coach, but Denver's offense needs so much work, and it's unlikely that Bo Nix is looking like a great player this early in the season.

Now that Wilson has had some time to get the ball rolling and gain confidence with his new team, I have the Steelers going to the Mile High State and steamrolling the Broncos.

What this cupcake early-season schedule would mean for Russell Wilson

If the Steelers' 2024 schedule were to be laid out just like this, Wilson would have a chance to begin his Steelers career with a 5-0 record. This would not only boost his confidence, but it would also give him job security without having to worry about being pulled from the game at any given moment for backup, Justin Fields.

Wilson would be better equipped to handle daunting matchups against teams like the Cowboys, Chiefs, Eagles, Ravens, and Bengals later in the season after finding his footing and familiarizing himself with both his teammates and the playbook.

Of course, the chances of the Steelers' schedule turning out like this are slim to none. Based on their opponent list, it's more likely that Pittsburgh has an extremely difficult slate of games to open the season. However, this hypothetical early-season schedule is exactly what Russell Wilson is hoping for following the 2024 NFL schedule release.