Cheap centers Steelers could sign if they miss out in the NFL Draft

These center options left in Free Agency should be a cheap signing between now and Training camp.
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First things first, the Steelers are going to try and draft a center with a top pick in the upcoming draft to be their starter. That doesn't mean that they can't go out and still sign a veteran who is out there in free agency and still looking for work. Even if they draft a center to be their starter, one can imagine Pittsburgh will be in the market for a veteran.

Right now, they only have Nate Herbig and James Daniels on the roster who have experience at center. Daniels will remain at guard unless something crazy happens, and Herbig is nothing more than a depth piece.

It would make a ton of sense for Pittsburgh to take a center high in the draft and sign a free agent for cheap to compete for the starting job or at least a depth role. If they miss out on the IOL talent on draft day, here are five centers they could sign after the 2024 NFL Draft.

Pittsburgh could go with experienced veteran Cody Whitehair

Cody Whitehair has played in the NFL for eight seasons. All those years took place with the Chicago Bears franchise. He has been a starter for them for each season there. He became a cap casualty earlier this offseason as he hasn't played up to his contract over the past couple of years. Whitehair has a ton of starting experience both at center and guard.

His market in free agency seems thin as he remains unsigned. He could find a job after the draft for a team looking for an experienced player who could challenge for a starting role, or at least a quality depth option. He isn't a great player. but his position flexibility will be attractive. Some of his best seasons were when he played center, so it could be a nice pickup for the Steelers.

The Steelers could sign someone with something to prove like Brian Allen

Plenty of free agents who remain on the market are either risks in certain ways or players who are coming off poor seasons. The Steelers will hopefully get a starter in the draft, but signing someone who could pay off might be a great course of action. Brian Allen is a low-risk option out there for the black and gold to consider.

He was another cap casualty to make this list as the LA Rams couldn't trust his injury history. Allen had a tremendous 2021 campaign, which rewarded him with a new contract. After that, he had constant injury issues that kept him off the field. If he can stay healthy, then he is normally one of the better centers in the NFL.

Connor Williams is the prize Center still out there in Free Agency

Everyone whose team needed a center at the start of free agency demanded Connor Williams to join their club. That crowd has simmered since last month as many of the top centers have signed elsewhere in free agency. There are a couple of things going on with Williams as he remains a free agent and rehabbing from a season-ending injury last year is one of them.

If the Steelers deem him on track to fully recover from his injury, then he would be a fantastic option to sign. They would also have to see if he will miss any time during the regular season. If his health checks out, then he might be willing to take a short-term deal to improve his stock. The Steelers should show interest, especially if they miss on the top center prospects in the draft.

They could go with an unflashy depth option with Tyler Larsen

While looking at potential options left in free agency, it's hard to not think Pittsburgh could add a veteran depth piece. We know the black and gold have shown interest in the top center options in the upcoming draft. They want either Graham Barton, Jackson Powers-Johnson, or Zach Fraizer in some capacity. If they take a center with a top pick, they still should consider a depth piece like Tyler Larsen.

He hasn't been great when he got starting snaps these past couple of years, but he has a lot of experience. Don't get it twisted, he wouldn't be guaranteed a roster spot, but he would provide better competition as a depth piece for the interior of the offensive line. Larsen has a ton of starting experience at center in the NFL and is someone who could interest Pittsburgh.

Pat Elflein would make a lot of sense for the Steelers on a cheap deal

Things have fell off rather quickly for Pat Elflein over the past couple of years in the NFL. He was once considered one of the best centers in the NFL, but that has fallen apart since. Due to injuries and recent performance issues, Elflein has found himself out of work as of now. He was a quality starter during his time with the Vikings, but that was almost four years ago.

He once was a quality center in the past and is someone who should come on a vet-minimum contract. The Steelers are looking for an experienced player who could potentially be a depth guy and push a rookie for the starting job. Elflein is not great anymore, but if he can stay healthy then he should be a reliable option for Pittsburgh.

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