Connor Heyward will be the ultimate gadget guy for the Steelers

  • Heyward looks like he can do it all on offense
  • Expect Heyward to be a major problem against opposing defenses
  • Steelers should give Heyward the nickname of "Mr. Versatility"

Pittsburgh Steelers, Connor Heyward
Pittsburgh Steelers, Connor Heyward / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

As the Pittsburgh Steelers continue preparing for the upcoming season, it's been an exciting preseason so far. Granted, it's just the preseason but excitement is in the air as the Steelers look very good on paper at this point in time. There are some notable players stepping up to prove they're going to be game-changers in 2023 but tight end Connor Heyward is by far looking like he's going to be the real deal.

Entering his sophomore season, Heyward has been all over the place on the Steelers' offense and proving he's ready to be their ultimate gadget guy. He's been hauling in passes/touchdowns as a wide receiver and at tight end. He has even lined up as a running back or pass protector on certain 3rd and short situations to showcase his rushing and blocking skills respectively.

This is a great look for Heyward as it looks like the Steelers want him to be a versatile offensive weapon that can be lined up anywhere to cause confusion against opposing defenses. With his versaility and ability to make plays naturally, it's going to be a great sight to see the kind of damage he does in 2023.

Expect to see a lot of Connor Heyward all over the Steelers offense

Heyward looked decent last year in his rookie season with 12 receptions, 151 receiving yards, and one touchdown. He also got a few reps at running back but nothing major with just two attempts for just 27 rushing yards, and zero touchdowns. Now with a full NFL season under his belt, it's his time to shine and if what we've seen in Steelers' training camp and preseason action so far is any indication, Heyward is going to be a huge contributor on offense in multiple roles.

Hopefully, everything falls into place since Heyward has star potential written all over him. If he can continue where he started from last season but is given more opportunities to create big plays as a wide receiver, tight end, or even as a running back in red-zone situations, he could end up having a huge, impactful season for the Steelers. He's also shown some signs of being a decent pass blocker so that's another area he can help bolster if needed on certain plays.

At the rate Heyward is going in, the Steelers might need to give him the nickname of "Mr. Versatility" since it looks like he'll be doing a lot more this time around besides being just a tight end. The regular season can't come soon enough as it's going to be a great sight to see Heyward do what he does best in what looks to be expanded and exciting new roles on offense. Who knows, maybe he can be that ultimate gadget guy that makes big things happen every single time he gets the football.