Could the Steelers have three 1000-yard receivers in the 2023 season?

A pass intended for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens (14) goes incomplete in the end
A pass intended for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens (14) goes incomplete in the end / Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY
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Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson

If any of the Steelers wide receivers manage to crack the one 1,000 receiving yards mark, it would have to be Diontae Johnson. At least, one would assume so. Well, he would be the odds-on favorite, at least. He may have had a bad 2022 season, in which he posted his lowest receiving yardage since his rookie season with 882 yards.

The problematic aspect of Johnson's game in 2022 was primarily no touchdowns. Considering he had 8 touchdowns and 1161 receiving yards in 2021. Statistically, 2022 seemed like a huge letdown to fans; however, with a vastly improved offensive line and Kenny Pickett with a year's experience under his belt, Johnson should be a prime candidate to rebound.

In Johnson’s three seasons, he has topped the 1000-yard mark once in 2021. In 2020 he only fell 77 yards short. End even in 2022, he only missed the mark by 112 yards. Thus If the Steelers offense improves to the degree we all hope it should, Diontae Johnson should be at the center of the receiving conversation.

With the offensive line buying Kenny Pickett more time to find the open receivers, it could give Johnson an extra 20 receptions or so above last year's total putting him in the area of 106 receptions. As long as Johnson maintains his yards per reception average of 10.7, it is realistic to assume he could say, have  1088 receiving yards in 2023.

Johnson’s improvement in 2023 would be the key ingredient in having three receivers exceed 1000 yards. However, at least two other receivers would have to step up. Fortunately, the Steelers have a few more talented receivers left on the roster; who would be the other two that could surpass the 1000 receiving-yard mark as well?